Jillian Morris


My name is Jillian Morris. I am a registered nurse with the College of Nurses of Ontario. I live in Toronto with my four-year-old daughter, newborn daughter, and partner. I consider myself a “crunchy mama” and possess many attachment parenting ideals. I have had both my girls naturally at home accompanied by midwives.

I have a passion for natural living, especially childbirth and parenting. This passion was sparked during my pregnancy with my first born (2011) when I read about the benefits of home birth. This led me to research a wide variety of natural alternatives, including placenta encapsulation.

I believe childbirth is not just about delivering a baby. It is about transforming a women into a mother. This experience is priceless and sacred. My mission is to empower women during this transition by assisting them in a natural way.

I have a Bachelors of Science degree in nursing from Ryerson University and have continued my studies with Humber College, specializing in maternity nursing and breastfeeding support. I have also completed additional training in placenta encapsulation, as well as blood borne pathogens. Additionally, I possess my food handlers certification through Toronto Public Health.

To order a package or sign up for a workshop please contact me at jill@naturalnurturer.com or 416-799-4202.