Skin Care Routine

Lemon&honey       If you’re like me I don’t like to use anything on my skin that I can not eat. Growing up I always had sensitive and troublesome skin. I would break out constantly and have resulting hyperpigmented spots. No matter what I tried nothing seemed to work. I even resorted to Diane-35, proactiv, and accutane. I cringe just thinking of all the toxic substances I was introducing into my body with the hopes of having beautiful flawless skin. I gave up for a while on trying to get rid of it. instead I focused on the hyperpigmentation. I had dozens of chemical peels at medical spas in order to correct this. This did not have lasting effects because I continued to break out and developed new scars. It wasn’t until I started living a more natural lifestyle that I noticed a difference. I started using African black soap daily to wash my face. I noticed a difference almost immediately. Now I have added to this regime and my skin is almost flawless. Here is my list of “products.”

Night time Routine (once/ week):

Wash your face with African black soap to remove any makeup. Apply a mixture of raw honey, cinnamon, and freshly squeezed lemon juice to your moistened face. Gently scrub for 1 minute. A tingly sensation is normal. Wash off the excess mixture. Apply all natural apple cidar vinegar to entire face with a cotton ball. This will tingle a lot. Use caution if burning sensation is too intense. Moisturize with either raw virgin coconut oil or raw shea butter.

African Black Soap uses shea butter and plantain to combat hyperpigmentation and prevent any future break outs. Honey has antibacterial properties, as well as moisturizing qualities. Lemon helps to fade hyperpigmentated spots and kills any bacteria. Cinnamon is a good exfoliator to clear the pores of debris and promote new skin growth. Apple cidar vinegar also has antibacterial and antifungal properties to prevent future break outs. Coconut oil helps to moisturize your skin by acting like the skin’s natural oils. It also has antibacterial properties.

I have been doing this for a few months now and my skin has never been better! On a daily basis I only wash my face with African black soap and use either shea butter or coconut oil as my moisturizer at night. Using the above routine on a daily basis would be too intense and harsh on the skin due to the acidity of it.

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